Danish wind energy association Wind Denmark presented a series of proposals to accelerate the expansion of wind and solar power at the Vindtræf 2021 industry conference. Denmark needs huge amounts of energy from RES to meet its growing electricity demand by 2030.

“Wind Denmark estimates that 70-110 billion kWh of electricity will be needed in 2030 if Denmark wants to meet its climate targets and realize its business potential as an exporter of green energy and PtX (Power-to-X) products. This would mean the need to produce 3-4 times more renewable wind and solar energy in 2030 than is currently in the plan. Therefore, current policy plans are not sufficient to meet these challenges”, the organization warns. Until a year ago, it was expected that Denmark would be able to supply itself and partly neighbouring countries with green electricity within a decade. However, Wind Denmark’s analysis shows that this is not realistic, among other things due to the delayed construction of an energy island in the North Sea (another one is to be built in the Baltic Sea). Therefore, other forms of energy production from RES must be developed by 2030.

Jan Hylleberg, executive director of Wind Denmark, explains the good news is that with wind and solar power Denmark has the chance to meet its climate target of reducing CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

A political plan for RES development needed

It is crucial to create a political framework for further RES development. If wind turbines are to be ready for production in 2030, a political roadmap must be created in the next 12 months in addition to the electrification and PtX strategies. The division of roles between government and municipalities is also crucial.

In the report, Wind Denmark points out that almost all ongoing and planned offshore wind projects – both public and private – must be completed by 2030. In order to develop PtX technologies and fuels, additional offshore wind capacity is crucial. Wind Denmark notes that at the moment it is difficult to predict where, when and how much green energy the hydrogen and PtX industry will need.

What is needed is a change in the wording of the 2021 offshore wind reform, in which the state takes control over the pace of offshore wind deployment. In addition to permitting wind turbines, it is needed for bureaucratic barriers to green energy production and consumption to be removed.