BalticWind.EU asked industry leaders and key policy-makers for their assessment of what has been achieved in the past year and what the forecasts are for 2024. In today’s interview of the „Baltic Sea Offshore Wind – 2024 Outlook” series, we present the opinion of Otto Swanljung, Director, Wind Energy, Metsähallitus.

What is the most significant development for the offshore wind in 2023?

Metsähallitus proceeding with Finnish offshore projects Korsnäs and tendering procedure of Ebba and Edith. Metsähallitus is responsible for the pre-development, the tendering process leading to the sale of project rights and the leasing of the sea area. The aim is to substantially increase offshore wind capacity in the Finnish territorial waters during the 2030’s.

What are the most important challenges for offshore wind development in 2024?

The most important challenges are macroeconomic environment of the global offshore wind industry with escalating costs and interest rates for example. At the same time the European energy system is undergoing a big shift in order to reduce the dependence on Russia and reach the climate change targets and push forward green transition in general. For investors the environment is very challenging at the moment.

What matters related to offshore wind energy will you particularly focus on in 2024?

In 2024 we will focus in particular on working hard to support the European energy self-sufficiency and developing the Finnish investment pipeline as predictable and attractive for as possible.