Tallinn, Estonia – The Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority (CTA) has announced its intention to initiate a building permit procedure for the construction of a marine wind farm in the Liivi 2 area. The application for a building permit was submitted by OÜ Utilitas Wind on April 29, 2020.

The proposed offshore wind farm is planned to be located in the Gulf of Liivi, north-west of Ruhnu Island, an area identified as suitable for wind energy development in the Estonian Maritime Spatial Plan. The application outlines a plan for 86 wind turbines, spaced approximately 1.25 km apart. The maximum height of the turbines will reach up to 400 m above sea level, while the depth in the area will range between 25-40 m. The estimated maximum area under load is 114.50 km2, with each turbine having an individual capacity of up to 25 MW, resulting in a total capacity of up to 2150 MW for the proposed Liivi 2 offshore wind farm.

In addition to the wind turbines, the offshore wind farm will feature substations on platforms to collect the generated electricity and transmit it via an AC or DC export cable to an onshore substation. The wind farm will also utilize a system of submarine cable lines connecting the turbines to the offshore substation.
The final installed capacity and technical specifications of the wind farm will be determined based on the results of the environmental impact assessment and technical analyses. A building permit for a period of 50 years will be requested upon completion of the assessment process.

Interested parties have a 60-day window to submit competing applications to the TTJA (Technical Regulatory Authority) for the same site. These applications must adhere to the requirements outlined in Sections 1133 and 1139(2) of the Building Code.

The application submitted by OÜ Utilitas Wind, along with the accompanying materials and opinions issued by relevant authorities, can be accessed in the TTJA’s public register of documents (case no. 16-7/20-06527) via the following link: https://jvis.ttja.ee/modules/dokumendiregister/. Physical access to the documents can also be arranged by prior notice at the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority in Tallinn.

This announcement marks a significant step forward in Estonia’s renewable energy sector, as the construction of the Liivi 2 offshore wind farm will contribute to the country’s sustainable energy goals and further enhance its position as a leader in clean energy production.

Source: ttja.ee