On January 12th, the Danish Energy Agency published a revised draft of the procurement material for the upcoming of 6 GW of offshore wind, with the option to overplant, for the purpose of an additional market dialogue. The procurements are expected to be opened during the spring of 2024. Certain parts of the draft material are relevant for the procurement of offshore wind at Energy Island Bornholm.

The draft procurement material is the implementation of the political supplementary agreement, which was adopted on 30 May 2023, and outlines the framework for the development of the minimum of 6 GW offshore wind before the end of 2030.

The draft of the tender material has previously been the subject of a market dialogue commenced on June 30th 2023. The market dialogue has led to a substantial revision of the material. The Danish Energy Agency wishes to present the revised material to provide the market an opportunity to engage before the final publication of the tenders.

The changes are within the framework of the political agreement of 30 May 2023, including the agreements on the timetables for the establishment of the parks, which are still expected to last until 2030 at the latest.

The market dialogue

The market dialogue will be conducted in a written format, where potential tenderers and other relevant operators are given the opportunity to contribute directly with input and proposals for the preliminary procurement material.

Draft procurement documents are published through EU-Supply and can be found here:


Be aware that there might be a delay in publication of the notice in Tenders Electronic Daily (supplement to the Official Journal of the EU), hence the links to the draft of the procurement material might be unavailable until the notice is published in Tenders Electronic Daily. This can take up to 48 hours.

The Danish Energy Agency welcomes written comments by the 8th of February 2024 at the latest. All communication with the participants in the market dialogue will take place through EU-Supply. It is possible to submit comments and attach documents in the message module in EU-Supply.

Energy Island Bornholm

The draft tender material for Energy Island Bornholm is not included in this market dialogue, as the material is still under development. However, many of the changes proposed in the material for the 6 GW are also expected to apply to Energy Island Bornholm. It is specified in the document ‘Reading Guide regarding the Draft Procurement material’ on EU-supply, where applicable.

The process ahead

The final procurement materials are expected to be published during spring 2024. The expected deadline for the submission of tenders for the wind farms North Sea I is in December 2024 and the expected deadline for submission of tenders for Hesselø, Kattegat and Kriegers Flak II is in February 2025.

The procurement process regarding the technical equipment for Energy Island Bornholm has been initiated by Energinet and German 50Hertz. The minimum capacity of 3 GW offshore wind at the Energy Island Bornholm, will be tendered by the Danish Energy Agency, and the Procurement is expected to be announced later in the spring.


On 30 May 2023, the Danish government and a broad majority of political parties agreed upon a supplementary agreement on tender frameworks for 6 GW of offshore wind and 3 GW at Bornholm Energy Island. The agreement outlines the overall framework for the upcoming procurement of minimum 9 GW offshore wind.

The 6 GW are located as follows:

– Minimum 3 GW in the North Sea I

– Minimum 1 GW at Kattegat

– Minimum 1 GW at Kriegers Flak II

– 0.8-1.2 GW at Hesselø.

Read more about the 6 GW and 3 GW at Energy Island Bornholm here: https://ens.dk/ansvarsomraader/vindmoeller-paa-hav/udbud-af-havvindmoelleparker

Source: Danish Energy Agency