Vestas, a global renewable energy industry partner for sustainable energy solutions, has laid the cornerstone for a planned offshore wind factory in Szczecin.

The ceremony, attended by His Majesty King Frederick X of Denmark, official representatives of the Polish and Danish governments and business partners, took place on February 2 at Ostrow Grabowski. It underscores Vestas’ ambition to create an offshore wind energy center in Poland to help the energy transition and enhance Europe’s energy security.

As early as October 2022, Vestas announced that they will set up a nacelle and hub assembly plant in Szczecin for its flagship V236-15.0-MW wind turbine. The plant will be operational in 2025 and will generate about 700 new jobs in the Szczecin area. This will almost double the company’s workforce in Poland, as it already employs 800 people.

– Vestas intends to lead the development of a sustainable supply chain in Europe that can provide the scale needed to meet the expected growth in offshore wind demand. Our plans for new offshore factories in Poland send a strong signal that Europe can boost wind investment and green jobs with the right long-term policy commitments for offshore wind projects, says Tommy Rahbek Nielsen, Chief Operating Officer of Vestas.

Vestas has historically strong roots in Poland and has been present in the market for more than two decades. Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Northern & Central Europe, emphasizes that Poland is a promising market.

– Poland is transforming its energy system and is a promising wind energy market with good wind conditions both onshore and offshore. Poland has a highly skilled workforce and a growing wind industry that could become an offshore center for the Baltic region and the rest of Europe. We have been active in Poland for more than 20 years and I am pleased to announce our next investment plans in Szczecin. – said Nils de Baar .

In January 2024, Vestas additionally announced plans to establish a second factory in Szczecin, Poland. The factory is expected to produce blades for V236-15.0 MW turbines and begin operations in 2026. At the second plant, Vestas will create more than 1,000 additional jobs. Vestas Poland is currently recruiting, and job opportunities can be found at

Source: Vestas