Denmark has signed a five-year agreement with Ukraine to help the country rebuild destroyed energy infrastructure and green electricity supply. The agreement further includes a long-term ambition to boost Ukraine’s offshore wind capacities.

With the need for significant short and long-term reconstruction of energy infrastucture, Denmark is actively supporting Ukraine’s efforts to rebuild its green electricity supply, which will enhance its energy independence and resilience. As a result, Denmark and Ukraine are expanding their energy cooperation with a new five-year agreements, including increased focus on offshore wind.

“Russia’s destruction of Ukraine has had extensive consequences for the Ukrainians and Ukraine’s energy security. That is why I am very pleased that Denmark can help build their competencies in energy, especially wind energy, where we have great expertise and Ukraine has great potential. With the agreement, we are now even more committed to ensuring that the Ukrainian people get access to electricity, that they increase their energy independence from Russia, and that they get the opportunity for a green rethinking of their energy infrastructure,” Lars Aagaard, Dennmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Supply.

Ukraine has great potential for developing its own renewable energy sector, and in terms of area it is Europe’s second largest country with a lot of agricultural land and thus good opportunities for setting up wind turbines on land. Before the war, Ukraine had approx. 1.7 gigawatts of onshore wind, but a large part of the onshore wind turbines have been destroyed by Russian attacks. In the short term, the task consists of getting the existing onshore wind up and running. Looking ahead, the new collaboration will investigate the potential for offshore wind.

“The bombardment in Ukraine affects ordinary people, who no longer have electricity in the socket, the ability to cook or heat their homes. Denmark is a world leader in the development of both onshore and offshore wind, which is why it is an area where we can really make a difference for the Ukrainians,” Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy.

The new five-year collaboration will contribute to Ukraine being able to further expand its electricity supply with wind energy. Amongst others, Danish authorities will help Ukrainian authorities develop a regulatory framework that can promote onshore and offshore wind. Focus is especially on lowering risks for investors as a prerequisite for attracting investments that can develop a green energy supply in Ukraine.

Source: Green Power Denmark