Polish investor PGE Baltica is preparing to start measuring wind, wave and current resources in the Baltic Sea for the construction of the Baltica 1 offshore wind power plant. The research will be carried out by a Spanish specialist company.

[wcm_restrict] PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, a company owned by Poland’s largest power producer, announced that the measuring equipment is already on its way from Spain to Władysławowo, where it will be assembled and from where it will sail to the Baltic Sea.[/wcm_restrict] The measuring apparatus is installed on a special buoy, which will be installed approx. 80 km from the coast. It is an electronics-equipped float the size of a small passenger car. The buoy is equipped with photovoltaic modules.

The instruments use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology for wind measurements. It uses light from a laser beam that bounces off suspended particles in the air and returns to the device. The equipment used allows wind surveys to be performed more than 200 meters above sea level. Additional sensors mounted on the buoy also makes it possible to measure wave movements and currents. The measurement device will float at sea for approx. 2 years.

The Baltica 1 offshore wind farm with a capacity of up to 896 MW is the third concession area currently held by PGE, located approx. 80 km from the coast, more or less at the height of the town of Łeba in the Pomeranian voivodship. In addition to the technical grid connection conditions, Baltica 1 has already been granted a location permit – a permit to erect artificial islands – designating the area where the wind farm is to be located in the Polish Baltic Sea area.

In 2020, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. issued, at the request of PGE Capital Group’s project company Elektrownia Wiatrowa Baltica – 1, the connection conditions for the 896 MW offshore wind farm project.

The PGE Capital Group is planning three offshore wind farms in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea (Baltica 3 and 2 by 2030, Baltica 1 – after 2030). Their combined maximum capacity will be a of approx. 3500 MW (3.5 GW).