International green energy company Ignitis Renewables and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) through its Growth Markets Fund II are the winners of the auction-based competitive tender for development of an offshore wind farm in the Liivi 1 sea area in Estonia, having placed the highest bid in the amount of EUR 1.16 million.

Having previously won the Liivi 2 site in Estonia’s first offshore wind tender held in December 2023, Ignitis Renewables and CIP see the adjacent site of Liivi 1 as a natural extension of the seabed area which will allow for greater synergy and optimisation in developing the sites as a single offshore wind project.

The maritime area of both sites is located in the Gulf of Riga, northwest of Ruhnu Island, near Estonia’s Baltic Sea coast covering in total approximately 193 square kilometres. While the theoretical potential capacity of both sites is calculated to be 2.3 gigawatts (GW), depending on environmental impact assessment results, site optimization as well as other factors, the actual capacity of the offshore wind park will be 1–1.5 GW. The project is expected to become operational around 2035.

Ignitis Renewables and CIP have signed an agreement to collaborate exclusively on offshore wind opportunities in Estonia and Latvia. The partnership leverages Ignitis Renewables’ leading market position in the Baltic region and CIP’s global offshore wind expertise.

Having now secured both the Liivi 1 and Liivi 2 sea areas, CIP and Ignitis Renewables have a strategic position to optimize the scale and potential of the sites, representing a key investment in Estonia’s and the region’s transformation into a sustainable, long-term green energy hub in Europe.

Source: Ignitis Group