Jumbo Offshore has been contracted by Van Oord for the transportation and installation of transition pieces for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind project in the German Baltic Sea.

Operations on the project are to commence in October 2023. Due to the close cooperation and extensive experience between the Jumbo Offshore and Van Oord project teams, the preparation time has been very efficient.

Photo: Jumbo

Under the contract, Jumbo Offshore will be responsible for the transportation and installation (T&I) of transition pieces from the marshalling yard to the offshore wind farm site.

“To date, Jumbo Offshore has transported and installed over 400 transition pieces with our DP2 heavy lift vessels,” says Brian Boutkan, Manager Commerce at Jumbo Offshore.

“After working together on the Arkona offshore wind farm, we are looking forward to working for Van Oord again. This project award shows the continuation of our focus in the offshore wind industry with our efficient T&I solutions as well as the trust of our clients on our capabilities and equipment.”

Few weeks ago we informed about another successful milestone achieved by the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm. Iberdrola has successfully installed all fifty monopiles together with its partner Van Oord. 


With a production capacity of 476 MW, Iberdrola’s Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm will supply approximately 475,000 households with renewable energy while reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 800,000 tonnes per year. The park is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2024. Baltic Eagle is the second of three large-scale projects in Germany. Iberdrola already operates the 350-MW Wikinger wind farm and is developing the 300-MW Windanker project, which will be completed in 2026. Together, these offshore wind farms form Iberdrola’s so-called Baltic Hub. It will have a total capacity of more than 1.1 GW in 2026, with combined investment of around 3.7 billion euros.

Source: Jumbo Offshore