Kustvind, a wind power company, has announced the withdrawal of its application for a permit to build the Sydkustens vind wind farm in Sweden’s sea territory. The proposed project is located 8-15 kilometers off the coast of Skurup and Trelleborg municipality. The decision to withdraw the application stems from the belief that more time is required for local engagement and dialogue to ensure approval from the affected municipalities.

Furthermore, there are ongoing political processes at the national level that could significantly impact the authorization process. The Swedish government plans to present proposals to strengthen incentives for municipalities to support wind power in the first quarter of 2024. These proposals are based on the conclusions of an incentive investigation conducted in April, and the government has expressed its commitment to enhancing municipalities’ willingness to embrace new wind power projects during its mandate period.

In addition, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is working on new marine spatial plans that identify several areas suitable for offshore wind power, including Kustvind’s project area. According to documentation produced by the Swedish Energy Agency and eight other authorities, the project area is considered to have excellent conditions for offshore wind power in the near future.

The wind farm would significantly contribute to meeting the increased electricity demand in southern Sweden, reduce electricity prices, secure the electricity supply, and create employment and business opportunities throughout the region. Surveys conducted by Kustvind indicate that a majority of voters and businesses in both municipalities support the offshore wind power plans.

It is crucial not to rush municipal decisions that could jeopardize this significant social investment based on inadequate decision-making. Therefore, Kustvind has decided to await the outcome of the national-level political processes and continue actively working on developing local partnerships and strategies to generate economic benefits for companies and residents in the affected municipalities.

It’s important to note that the withdrawal of the application does not imply the cancellation of the project. Kustvind remains committed to the wind farm and will continue its efforts to move the project forward while ensuring broad-based support and economic advantages for the local communities involved.

Source: kustvind.se