The Lithuanian electricity transmission system operated completely independently for the first time on Saturday. The system operator Litgrid performed an isolated operation test, during which the Lithuanian electricity network was disconnected from the IPS/UPS system controlled by Russia. The isolated operation test is one of the most important steps in preparing for the synchronisation of the electrical system with continental Europe.

Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. connections to the IPS/UPS system – Latvia, Belarus and the Kaliningrad region – were disconnected from the Lithuanian electricity system, which was operating in energy island mode. Electricity was supplied to consumers by power plants operating in Lithuania, as well as direct current connections with Poland and Sweden. For the first time since the restoration of the country’s independence, the balance and frequency of the electricity system was controlled by Litgrid dispatchers only.
After the end of the test, the Lithuanian electricity system is currently operating smoothly in the IPS/UPS system, together with other Baltic countries.

In the last year, Litgrid has already completed two important tests of the electrical system. The first isolated test of a part of the Lithuanian electricity system was successfully carried out in 2020, and in 2021 Litgrid, together with the Polish electricity transmission system operator PSE, conducted an emergency test with the Polish electricity system via the extended LitPol Link connection. Through this connection, the electricity grids of all the Baltic countries will be synchronized with the Continental European Synchronous Area.
The test of the isolated operation of the Lithuanian electricity system is one of the projects of the Lithuanian Synchronisation Programme. Currently, 6 of these projects (Expansion of LitPol Link in Alytus, Expansion of Bitėnai transformer substation, Construction of Pagėgiai-Bitėnai 110 kV overhead line and Reconstruction of Lithuanian E-Vilnius 330 kV overhead line, Grid optimisation in North-Eastern Lithuania, Test of emergency assistance to the Lithuanian electricity system from the Polish electricity system via a synchronous interconnector) have already been implemented.

Until now, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, together with Russia and Belarus, operate in the IPS/UPS system, where the electricity frequency is centrally controlled in Russia. Connection to continental European grid and synchronous operation with Poland, Germany and other continental European countries will be ensured no later than 2025.

Source: Litgrid