Metsähallitus has agreed with Skyborn Renewables to extend the Suurhiekka sea area reservation agreement for five years. The planned Suurhiekka offshore wind farm will be located in the municipalities of Oulu, Simo and Ii by the Bothnian Bay in Finland.

The reservation agreement gives Skyborn Renewables the exclusive right to continue the surveys in the area, where the company plans to build an offshore wind farm consisting of approximately 100 turbines. The company has already received both a legally binding land use plan and a water permit for the project.

The Suurhiekka project is located in the state-owned water area managed by Metsähallitus. Regarding the sea areas owned by the state, reserved for offshore wind power, Finland has launched an international tendering procedure. During the transition period and for the last old lease agreements Metsähallitus adheres to the previously concluded contract terms. The reservation agreement can be extended provided that the project has been actively developed and the permitting processes have proceeded.

The area reserved by Skyborn Renewables is partially included in the Northern Ostrobothnia regional plan, which is already legally binding. The area is also reserved for wind power production in the regional plan of Lapland. In addition, the reserved area is a part of legally binding land use plan on Suurhiekka wind power generation and was granted a water permit in 2012.

Skyborn Renewables is planning an offshore wind farm also in the exclusive economic zone off Pietarsaari-Kokkola, outside the Finnish territorial waters.

Source: Metsähallitus