Ocean Winds, a company operating in the field of offshore wind farms and developing the BC-Wind project in the Baltic Sea, together with the Industrial Development Academy (Przemysłowa Akademia Rozwoju), is implementing the “Careers with Wind” („Kariera z wiatrem”) educational program to impart knowledge and increase the competence of high school students in the field of offshore wind energy. Among the beneficiaries of the program in Szczecin are young people from the Wladyslaw Orkan School Complex No. 2 – the educational cycle for the RES technician class has just ended.

The program is aimed at students in the renewable energy technician profile. These young people spent more than two years learning about the many practical aspects of the creation of offshore wind farms, and were introduced to the component supply chain, as well as strategic stages of offshore wind development through examples of Ocean Winds’ investments around the world. Eighteen students from the IVE class have participated in classes at the technical school in Szczecin since the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year.

Photo: Ocean Winds

“At Ocean Winds, we believe in the power of knowledge transfer and long-term prospects of offshore wind energy in Poland. That’s why we engage in dialogue with young people and try to show them the behind-the-scenes of our work and professional development in the offshore sector. Practical knowledge will be an asset because of the supply chain being developed among Polish companies, among others in the West Pomeranian region” – said Aleksandra Jampolska, Stakeholder Manager at Ocean Winds.

Over the past two years, participants in the “Careers with Wind” program have gone through an intensive series of workshops led by professionals with experience in the offshore industry. The classes were conducted by lecturers from the Industrial Development Academy in cooperation with OW staff. Throughout this time, the program has not only broadened the students’ professional horizons, but also enriched their knowledge with specific skills crucial to the future challenges of offshore wind energy.

“The Program held regular monthly workshops that not only allowed students to learn about the industry in a broad way, but provided them with vital information necessary to make an informed choice about their future career path. During these meetings, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of professional fields, learning about the specifics and requirements that characterize each offshore wind energy profession. The workshops focused not only on the theoretical aspects of a particular professional area, but also offered hands-on experience through interactive exercises, presentations by industry practitioners and study visits. This gave students a chance to gain a realistic insight into the daily work of professionals, which fostered a better understanding of what skills and competencies are key to the profession”said Krzysztof Tomaszewski, CEO of the Industrial Development Academy.

Expanding on the outlook for training young talent in the offshore wind field, the “Careers with Wind” program focused on providing practical support to students, enabling them to understand key aspects of career development in this rapidly growing industry.

“As part of the Program, students received support from vocational practitioners who provided them with information on career prospects, labor market trends and available educational paths. This gave young people the opportunity to build an informed and well-thought-out education strategy tailored to their interests, passions and skills. The effect of the Program was not only to broaden the students’ professional horizons, but also to strengthen their self-confidence and motivation for further development. As a result of the knowledge and experience gained at the workshop, the students have become more prepared to make decisions regarding the choice of a field of study or career path, which will have a positive impact on their future development and professional success” said EngD Agnieszka Raducka, teacher of vocational subjects in environmental protection and renewable energy.

Beginning in February 2024, the Program will continue at the Orkan School Complex in Szczecin. The program will cover students in the second year of a technical school with a profile of renewable energy technician and will last for the next two years.

The “Career with Wind” program is being rolled out from the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year in selected vocational schools in Gdansk, Czestochowa, Puck, Klanin and Szczecin. Over the course of several months, 350 students participated in engaging lectures and dedicated online classes.

More on the program:
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Source: Ocean Winds