The County Administrative Board of Gotland recommended the Swedish Government to grant a permit for the Aurora offshore wind farm, developed by OX2 and Ingka Investments, according to the Act on Sweden’s exclusive economic zone. If the Government approves, the first phase of the project could be operational by 2030, delivering over 6 TWh annually to southern Sweden. The entire wind farm is expected to be completed by 2035 and can deliver up to 24 TWh per year.

Aurora is located about 22 kilometers south of Gotland and more than 30 kilometers east of Öland in the Baltic Sea. Once completed, the wind farm will produce up to 24 TWh annually. The Baltic Sea is also an important area for the Swedish Armed Forces, and with sensors on the wind turbines, the farm could assist with area surveillance.

The County Administrative Board of Gotland emphasizes that energy production is an urgent and important public interest, and the Aurora wind farm would significantly contribute to electricity production in the part of Sweden where consumption is greatest.

“Aurora can act as an accelerator in the transition to net zero emissions in southern Sweden. Large-scale electricity production will enable substantial hydrogen and e-fuel production, which is crucial for a fossil-free industry, shipping, and aviation. We are working in parallel to secure grid connections and sign supplier agreements to start construction as soon as all permits are in place,” says Emelie Zakrisson, Head of Offshore Wind Development in Sweden, OX2.

“We are very pleased that the County Administrative Board has given the green light to the project. We look forward to realizing Aurora together with OX2. With a fast permit process, the wind farm could be producing electricity by 2030,” adds Frederik de Jong, Head of Renewable Investments, Ingka Investments.

In addition to electricity production, OX2 is working to improve biodiversity in the area. Among other things, OX2 is investigating how the fixed structures of the park can be designed to function as artificial reefs for sessile species and create conditions for fish to accumulate. Collaborations are also underway to explore the possibilities for large-scale mussel farming within the park, which would help reduce eutrophication.

In April this year, the County Administrative Board granted Aurora a Natura 2000 permit. OX2 and Ingka Investments are also developing the Galene offshore wind farm, which received a permit a year ago, as well as Triton and Neptunus off the coast of southern Sweden, and Pleione-Ran off the coast of Gotland. Additionally, OX2 and Ingka Investments are developing three offshore wind farms off the coast of Finland.

Source: OX2