PGE Baltica has published information about procurement proceedings planned to be launched in 2024 for potential suppliers interested in cooperation. The proceedings concern purchases carried out for PGE Baltica’s project companies. The list includes procurements related to the construction of an operations and maintenance base in the Port of Ustka. Moreover, works for farm projects to be carried out as part of Phase II (i.e. after 2030), including, among others, measurements of wind, waves and sea currents, or conceptual designs for power derivation.

The provision of a full-year plan will allow suppliers to prepare to bid well in advance, including the appropriate allocation of their resources. PGE Baltica’s procurement experts hope that this will increase the number of bids sent, which will directly translate into competitiveness in the selection of contractors. It is also an opportunity for new suppliers who are considering participating in the supply chain for offshore wind power in Poland.

Within the Joint Venture of PGE Baltica and Ørsted, there are three main areas of conducting procurement proceedings:

  • Offshore wind contracts with Ørsted as a leading party.
  • Onshore contracts with PGE Baltica as a leading party.
  • Other contracts with the led jointly by PGE and Ørsted (e.g. navigation and technical expert opinions, geological and engineering documentation, consulting services, geological campaigns for the offshore wind farm).

The list of planned procurement proceedings planned for 2024 is available at: