Dear readers,

On behalf of the entire BalticWind.EU editorial team, I am delighted to welcome you to the Polish language version of the website. I encourage our Polish speaking readers to see both the latest articles we publish today, but also to have a look at the rich archive of news, opinions, interviews or analyses. The content published so far in English has been translated into Polish.

BalticWind.EU is an innovative information platform, which aims to publish up-to-date news, comments, and to be a place for professional networking for the industry. We have established BalticWind.EU because we see a need to accelerate the implementation of wind farm investments in the Baltic Sea countries, by sharing information and supporting local industry, SMEs, and communities in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. That is why we are giving the opportunity to industry representatives, professionals, start-up founders, analysts, journalists, representatives of academic and research centres who are involved in the energy transition at which wind energy is at the core, to share their voice.

Ladies and Gentlemen, BalticWind.EU is the portal for you who shape the offshore wind industry. We look forward to working with you and we invite you to join the #BalticWindNetwork! BalticWind.EU is a portal that covers 8 European Union Member States around the Baltic Sea. We make every effort to present up-to-date and comprehensive information from all countries in the region. From the very beginning we have announced that we would gradually launch new language versions, so that the accessibility of the news and knowledge contained in the publications would be as broad as possible.

Why are we launching the Polish language version right after the English one? An analysis of the readership statistics so far has shown that about 20% of the visitors to BalticWind.EU come from Poland. This is by far the largest group in our portal’s readership statistics. That is why we decided that the first language version will be the Polish one. At the same time we are working on launching more language versions. We will announce specific plans after the summer holidays.

Moreover, as Adam Guibourgé – Czetwertyński, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Climate and Environment, indicated in his opinion for BalticWind.EU, Poland plans to build 5.9 GW by 2030 and 11 GW by 2040. This means that Poland has a chance to become one of the leaders in offshore wind energy development in the Baltic Sea. We are all therefore all the more pleased that the subject of offshore wind energy is already attracting so much interest in Poland.

But this is not the end of new editorial activities devoted to Poland. By the end of August, we are planning to publish a country report on the current situation, the state of project development and regulations in Poland. This will be the beginning of a series of reports dedicated successively to all the 8 countries around the Baltic Sea.

The Polish language version of the BalticWind.EU website is published in parallel to the English language version. All content is published in both languages. Patrycja Rapacka, who has worked with BalticWind.EU as a journalist since the portal’s launch, has been appointed leading editor of the Polish language version.

We invite you to read and cooperate with us!