Rafał Zahorski, port development plenipotentiary at the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority S.A. (ZMPSiŚ), and Piotr Krahel, head of the development office, were in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, France. Both participated in the talks among the largest European ports handling components and providing services for the offshore wind sector.

ZMPSiŚ is currently building the largest installation terminal in the Baltic Sea in Świnoujście. It is well advanced in its construction and there is no obstacle to the investment not being completed by the anticipated deadlines. The first phase will end in December this year. The second in 2027.

The investment works are progressing according to the assumed schedule and contractual provisions agreed with the future lessee Orlen Neptun 2 Spółka z o.o., the general contractor of construction works, as well as the CEF funding agreement signed with the European Commission.

ZMPSiŚ SA received 85% co-financing of the total cost of the project entitled ‘Building the capacity of the seaport in Świnoujście for offshore wind energy’. The funding comes from the Connecting Europe Facility 2021-2027 (CEF 2). The total cost of the project is €77.5 million, the amount of co-financing is €65.9 million.

Upon completion of Phases I and II, Świnoujście will have more than 1 km of the most modern and heaviest quays for this industry in the EU. The completion of phase I will already give the possibility of handling as many as 80 wind towers of 15 MW per year. Upon completion of the second phase, this number will double in 2027.

Source: ZMPSiŚ SA & BalticWind.EU