Respect Energy Holding announces its plans to build an offshore floating wind farm off the coast of Estonia. The project includes also a pilot deployment of foundation technology with hydrogen and ammonia production at floating wind turbines.

The projected investment with total capacity of up to 820 MW will be established in the Wind Energy Innovation Area off the coast of Estonia. The offshore floating wind farm 
is expected to be operational in 2032 and will produce 3,75 TWh of energy annually.

Upon submitting the application we begin a multi-stage process aiming to construct an innovative offshore farm off the coast of Estonia. Thanks to its unique technology, floating offshore turbines will represent the future of offshore wind energy industry in the upcoming years. After announcing our plans to invest in the world’s largest offshore wind farm in Australia, Respect Energy Holding gladly presents its another big offshore project. We have already received a preliminary connection conditions and signed a cooperation agreements with partners from Estonia which will allow us to set up a local supply chainemphasizes Sebastian Jabłoński, Chairman of Board of the Respect Energy Holding.

The floating offshore wind farm project will be developed by Respect Energy Holding together with BaltiConnect – a professional offshore project development company. Respect Energy Holding has also signed a cooperation agreements with: Port of Tallinn – cooperation regarding the usage of the port infrastructure required to support production, assembly and operation of the farm; Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) – cooperation regarding R&D and education programs and LTH-Baas – an Estonian-based world leading cruise ship building contractor and offshore engineering company which will provide an innovative solutions including floating wind hydrogen production platform.

Respect Energy Holding is an international company based in Warsaw with entirely Polish capital, a leading market position in Poland, a presence in most European energy markets and ambitious expansion plans in more than 30 countries. The company is one of the largest independent energy enterprises in Poland, being the first to offer its customers a 100% green energy mix, coming entirely from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro and biogas. Renewable energy projects are implemented by the company in 24 markets around the world, and energy is sourced from the more than 600 generators it works with. With its extensive operations, Respect Energy Holding covers the entire supply chain for the RES market. Its area of activity is focused on several pillars, including: international trade in 
electricity, property rights and guarantees of origin, as well as energy sales to end users and activities promoting access to clean energy.

Source: Respect Energy