In the coming years, the renewable energy sector will be one of the most attractive in the labour market. RWE, as the leader in renewable energy and the number two player in the global offshore wind power sector, not only supports an array of educational projects but also strives to further develop the scientific potential of Polish universities.

RWE is strongly involved in the Polish energy transition and seeks to expand its portfolio in the renewable energy sector, including offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea. Along with strengthening its presence in the offshore market, the company has committed itself to long-term research and development cooperation with leading domestic research centres.

When applying for new location permits, RWE comes up with R&D initiatives related to, among other things, offshore wind energy, and participates in the exchange of experiences between experts and the scientific community in the areas of project management and personnel training for the renewable energy sector. Together with the expansion of its project portfolio, RWE envisages cooperation in such areas as biodiversity and eco-innovation, cutting-edge research technologies, innovative energy storage solutions or offshore and onshore green hydrogen production.

To date, the company has established partnerships with three universities from Gdańsk and Western Pomerania, i.e. the University of Gdańsk, the Gdynia Maritime University and the Maritime University of Szczecin. In addition, agreements have been signed with leading research institutes including the Institute of Oceanology of Polish Academy of Sciences, the Sea Fisheries Institute and the Polish Geological Institute.

In addition to research and development initiatives, RWE supports teaching. In this context, RWE collaborates with academia in the definition and implementation of full-time and postgraduate courses geared towards the training of personnel for the maritime industry.

The company is a patron of various initiatives undertaken by universities. In addition, students can draw on the knowledge and experience of the company’s employees. This is the objective of the ‘Working Students’ initiative, which provides an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the growing offshore wind sector. It is addressed to final-year students and those who come under the wings of RWE have the chance to expand their knowledge and gain valuable skills which are in demand in the transforming labour market.

In a joint effort with the Maritime University of Szczecin, RWE supports the international “MEWy” Competition focusing on the trends and development visions of offshore wind power plants and organised by the University jointly with the Marshal’s Office of the West Pomeranian Province. RWE invites competition winners to participate in a study trip to an offshore wind farm.

“Local communities are not forgotten either. We support various projects and initiatives and get involved in outdoor events” notes Joanna Rybicka-Gornowicz, Local Content Expert at RWE.

The regular participation of RWE representatives in the Wind Festival and local events is an example of this type of activity. Residents and tourists visiting the RWE stand at the festival have the opportunity to obtain information on the currently implemented F.E.W. Baltic II offshore wind farm project, the impact of offshore wind energy on the Polish power system and the expected changes in the city and the region resulting from offshore power development in the Baltic Sea. One important local impact highlight of this project is the overall investment process will include the construction of a service base in the port of Ustka to support the day-to-day operation of the offshore wind farm.

RWE also remains active in municipalities where it operates onshore wind farms. One example of such activity concerns the support for the provincial competition “Wind turbines – Green Energy” initiatiated by the Primary School No. 2 in Nowy Staw. The objective of the competition, aimed at primary school pupils, is to get children interested in rational energy management. There are currently three RWE wind farms operating in the municipality of Nowy Staw with a total installed capacity of 85.1 MW.

As a socially responsible group, RWE pursues initiatives that build competence in the renewable energy sector, particularly in offshore wind power. The company organises webinars for entrepreneurs with RWE specialists and engineers. It is also involved in promoting the offshore industry to students and schoolchildren. The company participates in job fairs and career days. All these activities are aimed at developing a new cadre for the Polish wind power industry to drive the effective transformation the power generation sector in our country.

Source: RWE