Skyborn Renewables (Skyborn) has received the environmental permit from the Swedish Land and Environment Court to build the Storgrundet Offshore wind farm, marking an important milestone in realizing the project. The permit allows for a maximum of 51 wind turbines, which, when fully operational, will have a capacity of roughly 1 GW and generate 3–3.5 TWh of electricity annually. The operationalization of the Storgrundet offshore wind farm depends on the granting of further permits, including the grid connection permit. The project is planned to be operational before the end of the decade.

“We welcome the Court’s decision, which constitutes a central milestone for Storgrundet Offshore and brings us closer to realizing this long-planned project. We will now focus on securing the remaining permits,” commented Hanna Magnusson, Interim Managing Director of Skyborn Sweden. “At a time when the demand for fossil-free electricity is at its peak, Storgrundet will contribute significantly to Sweden’s clean energy transition.”

The project area is in Gävleborg county, situated about 15 kilometers from the mainland in Gävle and Söderhamn municipalities. It is recognized as a site of national importance for energy production and extraction in Sweden’s marine spatial plans. The electricity production from Storgrundet Offshore will equal roughly 70% of the current electricity demand in Gävleborg county.

Earlier this year, Skyborn submitted two separate permit applications to the Swedish government for offshore wind in the Bothnian Sea, one for Eystrasalt Offshore and one for Fyrskeppet Offshore. In total, Skyborn’s development portfolio in Sweden has a potential power production of 40 TWh annually.

About Storgrundet Offshore:

Number of WTG: Maximum 51 units

Capacity: Approx. 1 GW (1,020 MW)

Production Approx. 3–3.5 TWh

Location: Approx. 15 km from the mainland in Gävle and Söderhamn municipalities, Gävleborg County, Sweden

Status: In development

Source: Skyborn Renewables