Subsidiary of Port of Tallinn, TS Shipping OÜ has announced the competition „Wind farm commissioning service operations vessel technical documentation“ for the construction of a new CSOV vessel.

According to TS Shipping OÜ CEO Vahur Ausmees, the decision to actually build the ship has not yet been made, but the new CSOV would be used for performing commissioning and maintenance works at offshore wind farms. The CSOV should be designed for working in demanding conditions, using advanced dynamic positioning and a high operational window for maximum uptime offshore. The new vessel’s emissions and efficiency should be optimized, and the vessel should be equipped with modern technology and crew areas.

TS Shipping OÜ is a provider of escort icebreaking, ice management, and offshore services, founded in 2012 and 100% owned by the state-owned company Port of Tallinn.

TS Shipping OÜ is the owner of the multifunctional offshore support vessel Botnica, the well-known Baltic Sea icebreaker. The company provides full management services for the vessel, including commercial, technical, and crewing. Botnica’s DP3 notation makes her a perfect base also for supporting drilling rigs and production platforms as well as providing diving and ROV services. As an extra feature, a 6.5 x 6.5 meters moon pool can be used, making it possible to fit a diving bell, a winterized ROV, or other subsea equipment.

Port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia with a strategic goal to develop the competitiveness of Estonia as a maritime country and a vision of becoming the most innovative port on the shores of the Baltic Sea by offering its customers the best environment and development opportunities. Port of Tallinn is taking steps toward its goals by building a multi-functional quay with a backup area in Paldiski South Harbour. The new quay will ensure the capacity of the port to receive high-draught special-purpose vessels for the construction of offshore wind farms and the transport of wind turbine components. With the building of the new quay and being an owner of an offshore vessel at the same time, it makes sense to look into investing in a new and modern wind farm commissioning service operations vessel as well.

For more information and to enter the competition, please visit TS Shipping OÜ website

Source: Port of Tallinn