The Swedish government has presented a package of solutions for accelerating the development of wind energy. Wind turbines for Sweden are intended to be a source of cheap and green electricity. The package consists of four decisions aimed at meeting increased electricity demand and strengthening Sweden’s energy security through wind power.

The Minister for Climate and the Environment, Annika Strandhäll, said in a release that the government is now taking steps to introduce a faster and simpler process for wind energy development. This is supposed to be good for the climate, the job market, and energy security.

Municipal veto power, or the right to approve or deny wind energy projects, will be preserved. In addition, a special committee will be established to quickly examine incentives for municipalities and communities to develop wind energy. The government has appointed Ulrika Liljeberg, chairman of the municipal council of Leksand, as a special expert.

– We will ensure that residents of municipalities that say yes to wind energy will receive greater benefits. In addition, we will increase the rate of development of wind power built far offshore, which is generally not heard or seen from land, says Annika Strandhäll.

Another committee will be established on streamlining the government’s role as a review body in administrative matters under the Environmental Code, including offshore wind energy. Work is expected to be completed no later than 30 June 2023. Eva Östman Johansson, Counsellor of the Administrative Court of Appeal and Vice-Chairman of the Administrative Division of the Stockholm Court of Appeal, was appointed as a special investigator.

In addition, the government has commissioned the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management to examine competitive offshore wind farms. The Authority is to examine the system for granting operators exclusive rights to set up offshore wind farms in certain areas. The Authority is to report on its work by 30 November 2022.

Source: Ministry of Climate and Environment of Sweden