The government of Åland’s project Sunnanvind participated in the Vaasa Energy Week 2023 exhibition to present the significant potential for large-scale offshore wind power in the territorial waters of Åland. The project team also informed branch actors about the opportunity to get consent from the government to conduct investigations in Åland’s sea areas.

Project manager Ralf Häggblom remarks that it was rewarding to meet and discuss with many national and international organisations in the wind power industry who visited the project’s stand. Ralf says: “For the Sunnanvind project, it was an excellent opportunity to inform about the potential of the areas suitable for offshore wind power north of Åland. The government of Åland manages the public waters and strives to enable and support the development of large-scale offshore wind power”. 

The Sunnanvind project’s owner Stefan Fransman took note of the interest generated by the 1500 people participating in the event. According to Fransman, the project’s communication efforts have gained international dissemination, which visitors at the stand confirmed. The project informed about the government of Åland adopted principles for granting companies the right to conduct investigations pertaining to offshore wind farms in the territorial waters. Some actors have already applied for consent and started their investigative projects. Alternatives for how energy is produced, stored, and distributed were topics that were discussed on several occasions during Vaasa Energy Week. Project Sunnanvind aims to identify and analyse various conceptual solutions that could create the best development opportunities and benefits for both investors and the Åland government.


Project Sunnanvind

The government of Åland’s project Sunnanvind mission is to enable offshore wind power in Åland’s sea areas. After the project’s preparatory activities, the government will carry out a competitive bidding process on market terms for the right to use the sea areas for energy production. Åland’s geographical location in the middle of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland with increasing energy needs, good wind conditions and the large uniform sea areas, provide good business opportunities for energy production. The project and development of offshore wind farms enjoys strong local parliamentary support. Åland has legislative authority, amongst others, in the areas of construction and spatial planning, energy and environment, which are central to wind power projects. Project Sunnanvind receives funding from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience facility.

Source: Government of Åland