Excellent location, extensive port infrastructure and many years of experience. Western Pomerania, as a region, has the most to gain from the dynamic development of the offshore wind energy industry in Poland. New jobs, growth of service providers and international cooperation.

The West Pomeranian Voivodeship has high economic, spatial and investment potential, as well as highly developed port facilities. After years of stagnation or even degradation in many key sectors of the region’s economy, it is now in a phase of dynamic growth. Many important enterprises are in good shape, foreign investments are flowing in, important infrastructure projects are being implemented and ambitious development plans are in place. A large role is played by offshore wind energy, which is driving the development of the voivodeship and offers prospects for long-term and international offshore contracts.

A report on the potential of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for the development of the European, including Polish, offshore wind energy sector („Potencjał województwa zachodniopomorskiego w zakresie rozwoju europejskiego, w tym polskiego sektora morskiej energetyki wiatrowej”) was presented in March, which indicates the region’s opportunities and challenges in terms of active participation in the OWE supply chain. The publication was commissioned by the Centre for Economic Initiatives of the Marshal’s Office in Szczecin.

– The development of offshore wind farms in Poland is a huge opportunity for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. There are already dozens of companies operating in the region that can immediately become involved in OWE projects at various stages of the sector’s development. Thanks to its experience in the area of cooperation on onshore wind farms, the region has a well-developed steel, machinery and large-scale construction industry. Companies in the fields of cable manufacture, substations and turbine components are already operating there. Already, the shipbuilding industry also has the necessary experience and know-how. In addition, location conditions of the voivodeship and port infrastructure create a competitive advantage for Western Pomerania and are a guarantee of success in the area of OWE, emphasises Janusz Gajowiecki, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

West Pomerania has all the conditions for rapid economic growth and increasing its role in the national economy, as well as in the southern Baltic region. The prospect of dynamic OWE development in the coming years will effectively attract foreign investors. They may be attracted by favourable tax and political environment, availability of developed land with a large surface area and convenient transport location. The region is strongly influenced by the German border areas, directing local economic integration, as well as access to seaports.

The entire article is available in the Quarterly Country Report  Q1/2023