Europe’s wind energy sector is at a pivotal juncture. As the continent accelerates its shift towards renewable energy, the industry faces a pressing challenge: a significant shortage of skilled professionals. But there’s a silver lining. WindEurope, a leading voice in the sector, is spearheading efforts to address this issue head-on.

The Challenge and the Opportunity

The wind industry’s growth is undeniable. However, with growth comes the need for a skilled workforce, and currently, there’s a gap. The good news? This challenge presents an opportunity for collaboration, innovation, and the creation of a robust talent pipeline.

Why You Should Attend the Webinar

WindEurope is hosting a must-attend webinar: “Overcoming the Wind Workforce Challenge: Solutions, Synergies and Strategies.” Here’s why you should register:

  1. Holistic Understanding: Gain a comprehensive view of the challenges faced not just by the wind sector, but also by other industries. Understand the European labour market’s nuances and the projected job demands for 2030.
  2. Championing Diversity: Learn from the best. Industry leaders will share their success stories in implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. Get actionable insights to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  3. Lessons from the Best: Companies like Amazon have successfully navigated recruitment challenges. Their experiences are a treasure trove of lessons that can be applied to the wind sector.
  4. Unlock Funding Opportunities: Discover public funding avenues related to skills development. Get insights on how to access these funds to bolster your training programs.
  5. Networking: In a special 7-minute pitch session, connect with industry peers who have success stories in training, job platforms, and reskilling projects.

Event Details

Date: 10 October 2023
Time: 14:00-17:00
Format: Modular webinar. Choose sessions that resonate with you the most.

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The challenges facing the wind industry are significant, yet they present an opportunity for collaboration and innovation. This webinar offers a platform for industry stakeholders to come together, share knowledge, and work towards sustainable solutions. Participation is encouraged for those invested in the future of the wind industry in Europe.