The cPPAs for the purchase of green energy, concluded between consumers and RES power generators, are gaining in popularity every year and the number of signed contracts is steadily growing. Increasingly, they also include offshore wind power capacity.

Figures for 2023 show that Europe has surpassed the magic limit of 10 GW of installed capacity of RES sources in concluded cPPAs. This represents a 40% increase compared to 2022. How does Poland look against this background? For what reasons do Polish entrepreneurs contract green energy? We will discuss this and many other aspects related to the functioning of the Polish and European cPPA market during the “Green Energy for Business” Re-Source Poland Hub conference, which will be held on April 24-25, 2024 at the ICC in Katowice. BalticWind.EU is a media patron of the event.

In recent years, there has been growing demand among business consumers for green energy. The cPPAs meet this need and have been experiencing rapid growth for several years. Data collected by RE-Source Poland Hub shows that about 63 cPPAs were signed in Poland between the beginning of 2018 and October 2023. The total volume of energy in concluded contracts is also increasing – it is already around 5.2 TWh/year. This represents several percent of the country’s electricity demand.

CPPAs are increasingly being chosen by companies with manufacturing operations in Poland. The conference will discuss key European trends and challenges to cPPA contracting. Panel discussions will include representatives of companies that have already signed a cPPA, who will talk about their experiences in concluding a contract and how cPPAs fit into their companies’ business strategy. Conference participants will learn the behind-the-scenes of negotiating such an agreement between a consumer and a RES power generator.

– We would like to invite you to the annual RE-Source Poland Hub conference, which this time will be held in a new location and in a completely new formula. We are changing the location of the event and moving to Katowice to the International Congress Center. Why Katowice? Silesia is the most industrialized region of Poland with huge business and investment potential. Polish industry needs energy from renewable energy sources, and RES power producers want to talk to companies that are already using or intend to use green energy. We want Katowice to become a platform for cooperation and exchange of ideas on the directions of use of green energy by Polish entrepreneurs during this period – says Szymon Kowalski, Vice President of the RE-Source Poland Hub Foundation.

The potential of cPPAs has been recognized not only by the private sector but also by EU institutions and used in the Electricity Market Design (EMD) market reform. In the new vision of the market, cPPAs are one of the most important instruments of a long-term nature to protect electricity consumers from price fluctuations in short-term markets.

As every year, conference participants can count on a large dose of substantive knowledge on corporate power purchase agreements and the Polish RES sector presented in the form of expert panels and practical workshops. This year we are expanding the conference formula and you can expect topics related to, among others, ESG, direct line, greening the supply chain, EU law, financing of RES projects, decarbonization of the industry, closed loop economy and many others.

In addition, as part of this year’s edition, the formula will be expanded to include a discussion of the reconstruction process in Ukraine and how the Polish RES sector can get involved in this process, as well as a look at investment opportunities in the Czech and Slovak markets. Another new feature will be a workshop dedicated to local governments showing how units of local self-government can enter into cPPAs.

As in previous editions, this time too the participants can count on direct contact with experts from the private sector, government institutions and local authorities, as well as the opportunity to establish business relations with Polish and foreign companies.

The event is free of charge for electricity consumers – registration is enough to learn about the latest trends in the RES industry and establish perspective business contacts during networking and B2B meetings. Recipients will also be able to participate in a free workshop presenting how to choose a business model for green energy contracting, taking into account the consumption profile of their own company. In this regard, eager entrepreneurs will be able to obtain free of charge a detailed analysis tailored to the needs of a specific company.

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