Ocean Winds (OW) invites you to their next Suppliers Day, which will be held under the formula “100 Questions for Ocean Winds – how to establish a cooperation”. The goal is to continue the dialogue with companies interested in cooperation within the BC-Wind offshore wind farm supply chain. The meeting will provide an opportunity to connect with key people involved in purchasing and contracting. The event will be held in a hybrid format.

Ocean Winds is one of the world’s largest and most experienced offshore developers. OW in Poland is developing BC-Wind, a Phase I offshore wind farm project scheduled to come online in 2027. The Spanish-French company operates in markets in Europe, Asia and the United States. It is a leader in the most innovative technologies, including floating platforms known as floating offshore. OW confirms that the Polish market is one of those it prioritizes, declaring its long-term presence and cooperation with domestic suppliers.

As Kacper Kostrzewa, Director of BC-Wind, points out – “The upcoming event will be an excellent opportunity to get in touch with key people involved in Ocean Winds purchasing and contracting for the BC-Wind farm. OW’s global position provides a unique opportunity for many Polish companies to undertake cooperation not only within the domestic supply chain, but also to access the offshore wind projects we are developing around the world.”

During the meeting, Ocean Winds representatives will present the current status of the project, procurement plans for 2023-2024, the requirements the company places on contractors in the areas of health, safety and environmental protection, as well as cooperation with Władysławowo as a service base location for BC-Wind. In addition, we will discuss an example of OW’s successful cooperation with the Białystok-based P&Q company, with which a contract was signed in December 2022 for the development of design documentation for the derivation of power from the BC-WIND farm.

The event will be held in a hybrid formula – on-site in Polish, while the online broadcast will be translated into English.

Detailed event agenda and registration form: https://balticwind.eu/en-ow-suppliers-day-2023/