Simply Blue Group is one of the leading early stage blue economy developers . “We believe in the power of the oceans to decarbonize our world”, emphasize representatives of the Irish company focussing on, among other things, the development of offshore wind energy. Simply Blue Group has particular hopes for floating technology, which they want to explore in the Baltic Sea region.

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Simply Blue Group employs more than 80 people with unique experience in offshore wind energy. Floating offshore wind power is now a dominant segment in Simply Blue Group’s portfolio, with an impressive number of more than 10 GW in floating offshore wind projects around the world. The company has also set its sights on the development of wave energy technology, low-impact aquaculture and has recently entered the e-fuel market.

Article taken from BalticWind.EU Quarterly Report Q2 POLAND 2022.

Simply Blue Group believes that the ocean can be the solution to climate change. The oceans and seas offer opportunities to develop technologies that can halt climate change and environmental degradation. Moreover, energy technologies can also support marine ecosystems as part of the sustainable development goals. Floating wind – the answer to the needs of the Baltic Seaty Sea. Simply Blue Group aims to develop floating wind projects in the Baltic Sea, a basin which is attractive in terms of wind conditions. Experts have been discussing for many years that the technology of the future in the Baltic is floating wind platforms. It is not without reason that Simply Blue Group is active in the Baltic Sea region, among others, working to develop the Swedish Skidbladner and Herkules projects. As for the Polish market, Simply Blue Group has applied for location permits for wind farms in the second phase of offshore wind development.

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Source : BalticWind.EU Quarterly Report Q2 POLAND 2022