Svea Wind Offshore, a Swedish RES developer, is launching consultations as part of the border-setting process for the Utposten 2 wind farm. 

A meeting organised by Svea Wind Offshore will take place in Gävle on 21-22 November. The meeting in Gävle will include a general presentation of the project and information on the planned activities, environmental description, potential environmental impact, results of the inventory, surveys and calculations such as acoustic calculations, visualisations, visibility analysis, the planned content of the environmental impact report and a preliminary schedule.

Earlier, i.e. on 21 October, Svea Vind Offshore filed an appeal against the Land and Environment Court’s decision to reject the application for the Utposten 2 wind farm due to formal errors.

We will be appealing the court’s decision to reject the application, as we do not share the view that a competing project was not consulted. In order not to waste time, simultaneously we are launching a re-consultation so that we can compose a new application that meets the court’s view on the formalities, said Eva Vitell, CEO of Svea Vind Offshore. 

The planned location of the Utposten 2 farm is approximately 15 kilometres from the mainland and 17 kilometres east of Axmar Bruk. The site is located in the Bothnian Sea area, near the municipality of Gävle, and covers an area of approximately 36 square kilometres. The number of wind turbines is expected to be a maximum of 32, their height is not to exceed 350 metres. Estimated annual electricity production is 1.8 TWh. The Utposten 2 wind farm site has been designated by the municipality of Gävle in its master plan as a study area for wind energy. Offshore wind energy projects in the Swedish maritime territory require several permits for implementation.