Today, the Commission informed that is taking another step to make the EU’s energy system fit for the future by adopting the first list of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) and Projects of Mutual Interest (PMIs) that is fully in line with the European Green Deal. These key cross-border infrastructure projects will help the EU reach its ambitious energy and climate goals. The projects will benefit from streamlined permitting and regulatory procedures, and become eligible for EU financial support from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

This list is adopted under the revised Trans-European Networks for Energy Regulation (TEN-E) which ends support for fossil fuel infrastructure and focuses on cross-border energy infrastructure of the future. It includes PCIs, which are projects within the EU territory, and for the first time PMIs, which connect the EU with other countries. The Commission will ensure the projects are swiftly completed and can contribute to doubling the EU’s grid capacity by 2030 and meeting its 42.5% renewable energy target.

Out of the 166 selected PCIs and PMIs:

  • over half (85) are electricity, offshore and smart electricity grid projects, with many expected to be commissioned between 2027 and 2030.
  • for the first time, hydrogen and electrolyser projects (65) are included, which will play a major role in enabling energy system integration and the decarbonisation of EU industry.
  • the list also includes 14 CO2 network projects in line with our goals to create a market for carbon capture and storage.

Following the adoption of the PCI and PMI List by the Commission today, as a Delegated Act under the TEN-E Regulation, it will now be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council for their scrutiny. Both co-legislators have two months to either accept or reject the list in full, but may not amend it. This process can be extended by two months, if requested by the co-legislators. Once the list is adopted, the Commission will work with project promoters and Member States to support the rapid implementation of this list of projects, in line with the enhanced measures proposed today in the EU Action Plan for Grids.


The list adopted today is the 6th Union List including PCIs, and the first Union list of PCIs and PMIs established under the revised TEN-E Regulation, which was adopted in 2022. The revised Regulation ensures that EU-supported cross-border energy infrastructure projects help the Union achieve its climate and energy goals as set out in the European Green Deal. As set out in the TEN-E Regulation, such lists are adopted every two years, following extensive stakeholder consultation in regional groups which are established by the TEN-E regulation.

Source: European Commission