The EDU OFFSHORE WIND trade fair, to be held 14-15 March 2023 in Gdańsk, is the first event of such scale dedicated to offshore wind energy in Poland. Young people and students planning their careers in the offshore sector will be able not only to meet representatives of companies building wind farms in the Baltic, but also to see windmill components up close. The organizers have prepared plenty of attractions for young people, parents and companies.

The fair will be a culmination of an educational program for young people who are tying their future to the offshore wind energy industry. As part of the classes conducted in Pomeranian schools, young people will learn about the new job market of the offshore sector. Thus, by learning about career paths, students can consciously plan their future. The educational program is a part of an initiative by the Pomeranian Centre for Offshore Energy Competence, which works extensively to prepare personnel for the offshore industry.

The organizers of the fair will provide interactive attractions, meetings and debates on directions of energy transition, development of renewable energy, importance of environmental and climate issues. The event will be held under the patronage of the local government of Pomorskie Voivodeship and the city of Gdańsk.Leaders of the Pomeranian Platform for the Development of Offshore Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea talk about the details.

TThe fair is aimed at secondary school students of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, primarily technical schools, as well as high schools. Students will also participate in the fair. We are keen on the presence of young people facing the choice of a professional path. We assume that a total of 5,000 young people will come through the fair over the 2 days. The offshore industry is developing faster and faster in Poland, more investments are planned, not only for Phase I or II, but also for Phase III, which is beginning to be discussed. The Polish Baltic Sea is of huge potential for the energy industry, which entails the need to prepare qualified personnel. We want young people to get acquainted with the offshore wind sector labor market, which is new in Polish conditions, so that they have the opportunity to learn about career paths and consciously plan their professional future. Therefore, we decided to come out with a new initiative to infect young people with PASSION for renewable energy sources. – says Karolina Lipińska, Deputy Director for Enterprise Development and Innovation in the Department of Economic Development in the Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.

As the organizers assure, offshore wind developers, wind turbine manufacturers, as well as other participants in the supply chain responsible for the construction and installation, and further on operation of the farms, have been invited to participate in the fair.

ZWe have invited those related to the large shipbuilding and steel industries, as well as smaller players who have an important role by engaging in R&D activities. GWO training companies, universities, schools and other educational units, language schools and employer associations will also be participating. Among the entities that have confirmed participation in the event are the largest companies in the industry with experience gained in Europe and Asia. We hope that showcasing the best practices from the global offshore will be a great added value of the fair, which will bring tangible benefits to the participating young people, their teachers and parents. Participation in the fair will be an excellent opportunity for direct contact and discussions with future employers and employees in a friendly atmosphere. – adds Łukasz Kneba, CO-MADE Board Member.

During the fair, participants will be able to get acquainted with exhibitors from the offshore industry in the broadest sense, talk to representatives of employers, manufacturers, training centers, industry organizations or universities, who will be present at the stands.

The so-called “inspiration zone” is also planned. It will include a series of events in an interactive form. All this aims to encourage young participants to take an interest in the offshore industry.

Special booths will be prepared with informative guides, presentations of know-how and proposals for internships and apprenticeships from employers. There will also be thematic islands at the fair, as well as such interactive attractions as special climbing walls and VR simulators. Case studies will include meetings with people from the offshore wind industry, who will talk about how they got started in the sector, the benefits, and advice they have for students who would like to tie their careers to offshore wind. In addition, there will be opportunities to arrange study visits to exhibitors in the region, or to participate in industry and soft skills workshops. There will also be competitions with prizes for young people and schools to aid active participation throughout the program. After the event, we also anticipate panel discussions in the form of webinars aimed at, among others, parents and teachers. – assures Łukasz Kneba.

The fair will be a unique opportunity to showcase the career opportunities offered by offshore wind development. Participants of the event will receive concrete knowledge directly from their potential employers. They will learn what competencies will be needed. This knowledge will allow them to take matters into their own hands and plan their future with the offshore industry. They will also learn about the benefits of employment at offshore wind farms and what daily work looks like. It is worth noting that the fair is the final event for young people, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time as part of our ongoing educational program. – says Krzysztof Tomaszewski of the Offshore Innovation Foundation.

We prioritize the issue of developing competencies at every stage of education as part of the activities of the Pomeranian Platform for the Development of Offshore Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea, as evidenced by the implementation of the Pomeranian Centre for Offshore Energy Competence initiative. The fair will be the largest initiative of its kind in Poland. From daily conversations with young people and teachers, we know how high the demand for such events is and how much young people need reliable information to plan their career path well. The educational program we have prepared, with a grand finale in March, is intended to be a compendium of knowledge on the competencies and potential career ladder that the industry offers. – elaborates Agnieszka Rodak, CEO of Rumia Invest Park.

Marek Krzeminski, Spokesman for AMBEREXPO, spoke on the matter: The Gdańsk International Fair is the flywheel of the meetings industry in Tri-City. Fairs such as EDU Offshore are greatly needed. Investment in knowledge and personal development of young people is a key element to improve Poland’s energy security. Our province, due to its geographical conditions, has the potential to be a national leader in renewable energy production. However, for this to happen, we need young leaders to take us through this process. A trade fair aimed at young people is a huge boost aimed at preparing the best personnel for the emerging new industry – offshore. We are pleased that an event of such great importance to the local community will be held at the Amber Expo in Gdansk.


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