The company implementing the MFW Bałtyk I signed an agreement with the Polish branch of ERM, which is the world’s largest consulting company working in the field of sustainable development. The agreement concerns cooperation in the field of environmental and social consulting. Offshore wind farm MFW Bałtyk I is the third project carried out jointly by Equinor and Polenergia.

ERM Group is a leading global advisor on environmental, safety, risk, health, social and sustainable development issues. ERM has extensive experience in preparing permit applications for investments throughout the European Union – including offshore projects. ERM’s Warsaw office, established in 1993, supported by international experts, will provide in-depth technical knowledge related to environmental impact assessments and sustainable management methods.

The choice of an experienced partner in the form of the ERM Group, with comprehensive and practical knowledge gained in the execution of numerous sustainable investments around the world, is in line with the assumptions of the implementation of the offshore wind farm project MFW Bałtyk I, in which care for environmental needs, concern for the security of supply of green energy and the fight against climate change, as well as good neighbourly relations and dialogue with stakeholders, occupy a central position.

Implementation of the offshore wind project is currently in its early phase. It has obtained a decision for the erection and operation of artificial islands (OLL) – area of up to 128,5 km2. Connection condition for 1560 MW was granted in January 2019. MFW Bałtyk I project is situated on the border of the Polish exclusive economic zone around 81 km from the shore at the height of the Łeba Municipality. The Baltic Sea provides excellent wind conditions, which makes offshore wind farms a stable source of renewable energy.

Source: Equinor | POLENERGIA