In a significant move for the European energy sector, Vulcan Training & Consultancy has partnered with the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) to introduce a pioneering training initiative in Poland. Titled “Get into the wind turbines and work at the highest level!” this program is the first of its kind in the country.

With an investment exceeding 1 million PLN, the project aims to address the growing demand for specialized workers in the wind energy sector, including technicians and wind turbine installers. This initiative underscores the increasing importance of reskilling and HR development in the European energy landscape.

Students from the Maritime School Complex in Darłowo will be the primary beneficiaries of this program. They will have the opportunity to earn professional certificates that hold significant market value, estimated at nearly 20,000 złoty per individual. Notably, the program is entirely free for participants, emphasizing its commitment to fostering talent without financial barriers.

The training sessions are set to commence in October 2023. Meanwhile, the official inauguration of the project is scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday, 13th September, at 11:00 AM at the Maritime School Complex in Darłowo.

This initiative not only highlights the growing emphasis on wind energy in Europe but also the crucial role of training and development in ensuring a skilled workforce for the future of the energy sector.

According to recent data, the offshore wind sector in Europe currently employs over 400,000 individuals. As the continent accelerates its transition to renewable energy, experts estimate that there will be a need to create an additional 200,000 jobs in the sector by 2030.

This underscores the importance of initiatives like the one launched by Vulcan Training & Consultancy and PSEW, which play a pivotal role in equipping the workforce with the necessary skills to meet the growing demands of the industry.

The renewable energy sector in the EU boasted an impressive employment of approximately 1.3 million individuals in 2020. With the accelerated adoption of clean energy solutions, this figure is poised to soar. To put things into perspective, our REPowerEU targets project the creation of a staggering 3.5 million jobs by 2030.