International green energy company Ignitis Renewables supports the expedition Save the Baltic Sea and invites to pay attention to the ecological state of the sea and work together in preserving the Baltic Sea. During the nine-month walk around the Baltic Sea, the expedition and its partners will invite citizens, governments, organisations and businesses to take active steps to preserve the sea for future generations.

Source: Ignitis

As a part of its long-term strategy, Ignitis Renewables emphasises the importance of decarbonising the energy sector, developing renewable energy, creating innovative solutions and sustainable growth, while respecting the principles of environmental protection, social responsibility and good corporate governance.

“We are the first in the Baltic States to develop offshore energy projects, using the wind and sea and taking significant steps towards energy independence for the entire region. For us, the Baltic Sea is not just a pleasant sight and refreshing waves on a hot summer’s day, it is a path to a green and independent tomorrow. We must preserve the Baltic Sea for future generations, because we are stronger, more powerful and more independent,” says Paulius Kalmantas, Communications Partner at Ignitis renewables.

According to him, the company seeks to ensure the region’s energy security and independence through the development of green energy, environmental protection and climate change mitigation. One of the largest projects currently underway to achieve these goals is the first offshore wind farm in Lithuania and the Baltic States.

“Offshore wind power generation is an innovation for all of us and a great opportunity to raise awareness of the Baltic Sea, and Ignitis Renewables invites to preserve the Baltic Sea together. Green energy is closely linked to nature and its preservation, and the protection of the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea is one of the key objectives of the sustainability strategy of the company,” says P. Kalmantas.

The main goal of the expedition Save the Baltic Sea is raiding awareness and educational activities. The expedition will educate the public about the state of aquatic ecosystems, the impact of human activities on the sea, and the ways that everyone can reduce their contribution to the loss of marine biodiversity and pollution, as they travel around the Baltic Sea.

Photo: Ignitis

Sad statistics show that the Baltic Sea is one of the top five most polluted seas in the world. The international team of the expedition Save the Baltic Sea, supported by Ignitis Renewables, is sure that by joining forces, everyone can contribute to preserving the Baltic Sea. This message will be carried by the participants of the expedition as they walk 6,000 kilometres around the Baltic Sea.

Source: Ignitis