PNE Group has once again scored successes in the tender round for onshore wind turbines of the Federal Network Agency. All four wind farms submitted were awarded the contract. The wind energy projects “Lütau”, “Wulfsdorf”, “Willerstedt” and “Kuhstedt III” have passed the current tender round.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the wind farms “Lütau” with 5 wind turbines and a total output of 28.5 megawatts (MW) and “Wulfsdorf” with 7 wind turbines and 43 MW will be constructed. In Thuringia, PNE Group will build the “Willerstedt” wind farm with 2 wind turbines and a total output of 9 MW, and in “Kuhstedt” in Lower Saxony, the existing wind farm will be expanded by 2 wind turbines with 5.5 MW each. Together, the wind farms will have an output of 91.5 MW. All four wind farms are scheduled to go under construction or into operation over the course of the next year.

Together with the February tender, seven PNE Group wind farms with a total capacity of 117.9 MW were awarded this year.

About PNE

In line with the strategic vision “Scale up 2.0,” PNE is steadfastly advancing its operations, particularly in the renewable energy sector. The focus is on expanding onshore wind and photovoltaic projects, targeting a substantial increase in electricity generation capacity. By 2027, PNE aims to achieve a combined capacity of up to 1,500 MW/MWp, with 1,000 MW from onshore wind and 500 MWp from photovoltaic installations.

Efforts are concentrated in key European markets, including Germany, France, Poland, Italy, and Spain. Notably, projects in Italy and Spain are dedicated exclusively to photovoltaic energy. This ambitious expansion is driven by robust project pipelines in these regions, which provide ample opportunity for growth through PNE’s own project development initiatives.