The completion of the V236-15.0 MW nacelle prototype at the Lindø plant in the port of Odense is the culmination of dedicated efforts of many Vestas teams. The new design is now ready for testing.

The nacelle is currently being prepared for a comprehensive series of tests, which will be conducted in a production environment at the factory in Lindø.These tests ensure that any opportunities for improvement can be addressed before final installation.

In addition to mechanical testing, the relevant turbine control software will be subjected to strict inspection to check the integrity and function of all electrical and mechanical interfaces between modules. The testing program is concluded with a physical rotation of the turbine drivetrain before it is sent to the Østerild test site for installation on the finished turbine.

“The completion of the V236-15.0 MW nacelle prototype is a great achievement and an important step forward for Vestas and our customers. By leveraging Vestas’ extensive, tested technology, the new platform combines innovation with confidence to offer industry-leading performance while benefiting from building the supply chain of our entire product portfolio. The new platform provides a solid foundation for future products and upgrades”, explains Anders Nielsen, Chief Technology officer at Vestas.

This nacelle prototype is the first manifestation of Vestas’ modular nacelle design. Modular nacelle components take full advantage of industry standards, as side compartments are designed to dimensionally match, rather than undermine, general industry standards. The modular nacelle concept has been applied to Vestas’ latest EnVentus onshore turbines – the V162-7.2 MW and V172-7.2 MW.

The V236-15.0MW turbine pushes the boundaries of offshore wind power – one turbine is capable of producing up to 80 GWh/year depending on site conditions – enough energy to power more than 20,000 households.

Source: Vestas