According to the information posted by the Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LWEA) the government of the Republic of Lithuania has approved the requirements for developers of offshore wind farms without state aid.

The tender should be announced by National Energy Regulatory Council on March 30th. The results will be announced in June-July. The conditions for bidders indicated by the LWEA are following:

– The company must have revenues of at least EUR 250 million in the last three years and at least 20% of the project value in equity. If a consortium of companies participates in the tender, their combined annual revenue and equity will be assessed.
– Bidders must have developed at least one offshore power plant larger than 150 MW or be authorized to produce electricity there.

– Developers will be required to support local communities of the municipalities bordering the marine area of the park and to contribute at least EUR 5 million to environmental protection.

– Developers will be required to carry out all the necessary studies, environmental impact assessments and other actions themselves.

– After construction, the developer will make an annual contribution (EUR 1 per MWh of electricity generated) to the communities of the municipalities surrounding the park.

– The developer offering the highest development fee to the State will win the tender.

– Incentives to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change are provided during the construction of the offshore wind farm.

– At least 3% of the construction works of the park will have to be carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Source: LVEA