RockWave, a leading provider of seismic processing and imaging services for multiple energy sectors, proudly announces that it has been awarded a significant contract from Equinor and Polenergia at their offshore wind development area, the ‘Bałtyk 1 Wind Farm’. This award underscores RockWave’s commitment to delivering top-tier seismic processing solutions to the renewable energy sector.

The contract scope entrusted to RockWave by the Bałtyk 1 Wind Farm JV involves the reprocessing of sparker ultra-high resolution seismic (UHRS) data to create an optimised subsurface image. This new data will play a crucial role in upgrading the engineering ground model and WTG (Wind Turbine Generator) foundation designs for the Bałtyk 1 Wind Farm. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and expertise, RockWave aims to help its clients minimise the risk of unforeseen ground conditions by enhancing the accuracy and reliability of data in the offshore wind development project.

The Bałtyk 1 Wind Farm is located approximately 80 km north of the Polish coast in the Baltic Sea.

“We are thrilled to partner with Equinor and Polenergia on the Bałtyk 1 Wind Farm project,” said Matt Swan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of RockWave. “This contract award underscores our expertise in providing advanced seismic solutions tailored to the unique needs of the renewable energy sector. By delivering superior subsurface imaging, we aim to support Equinor and Polenergia in achieving their vision of sustainable energy production while mitigating project risks.”

RockWave is renowned for its dedication to people and delivering exceptional service. With a team of seasoned professionals and access to cutting-edge technology, RockWave continues to set new benchmarks in seismic processing and imaging services across diverse energy sectors.

Source: RockWave