Electrical interconnection systems are crucial for efficient energy production from offshore wind farms which is why DNV chose the technical approach as the key focus of the Technical Seminar on Electrical Systems for Offshore Wind organised in Gdynia on the 20th of May 2022. BalticWind.EU is a media partner of the event.

Join the Seminar and get to know offshore wind from a technical perspective

DNV would like to invite all those interested in technical aspects of offshore wind farms to join the Technical Seminar and create a discussion platform for the industry and its stakeholders. The first event is planned for May this year and will focus on electrical systems. It is aimed not only to offer industry insights during panel discussions or case study presentations but also to enable access to the industry experts and create a networking platform for the technical community within the offshore industry.

An electrical system: the heart of a wind farm

DNV has chosen electrical systems as the main theme for the first DNV technical seminar as this is a crucial element for any energy project. The topic is very relevant both for offshore wind projects under development as well as those which are yet to be planned and developed in Poland. DNV highlighted that it is important to understand the current market status related to export systems infrastructure, offshore substations design or electrical components. Since more projects are planned also for the upcoming years, it is imperative to understand the trends driving the future of electrical systems.

Event details

The DNV Technical Seminar on Electrical Systems for offshore wind will be held on 20th of May 2022. The Venue is Gdansk and Gdynia Rooms, DNV Technology Centre, Gdynia Łużycka 6E, 81-537 Gdynia. 

REGISTRATION and full event information can be found on DNV’s website


The event will be attended by leading experts in the offshore wind sector and from supporting industries. Representatives of DNV and PSE Innowacje will take part in a panel discussion on export systems infrastructure. In addition, case studies on offshore substations and electrical components will be presented by DNV, Semco Maritime and Hitachi experts.

The event is also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas for the technical development of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea and other regions. On behalf of DNV, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the seminar.