With great pleasure and satisfaction I welcome you today to BalticWind.EU. After many weeks of preparation, we give you an innovative platform that aims first and foremost to create opportunities. BalticWind.EU is the space for the dialogue of industry representatives, professionals, start-ups founders, analytics, journalists, academic and research centres. Welcome to the #BalticWindNetwork.

Cooperation – a key to unlock the enormous potential of the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea, as the second largest basin for offshore wind power in the EU has incredible potential for investments of up to 93 GW by 2050. It may be achieved in the most efficient way through regional cooperation and engagement of a broad scope of stakeholders including industry, governments, local communities and R&D institutions. I hope that together we can strengthen the cooperation which is a key of offshore wind investments.

We see the need for speeding up the process of wind farm investments deployment in the Baltic Sea countries – local industry, SMEs, communities from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Without the deployment of offshore wind energy effective implementation of the European Green Deal goal of climate neutrality by 2050, as well as fulfilment of the Paris Agreement objectives will not be possible.

Therefore, BalticWind.EU offers an innovative news and insight platform for communication, networking and the support of developments of the Baltic offshore supply chain (local content) for companies and stakeholders. Our structure is built on:

  • the basis of daily industry news reporting, enriched with expert input,
  • extensive reports and case studies,
  • an exclusive job board dedicated to offshore,
  • exchange of experience and workshops platform,
  • a database of offshore wind projects in all Baltic countries including ongoing tenders and much more.

Soon the platform will offer first events aiming to strengthen the networking between offshore wind professionals within the region. Experts and journalists dealing with energy transition are welcome to participate in dialogue between stakeholders. I’m happy that BalticWind.EU will provide everything important about wind projects development in the entire Baltic Sea in one place. 

Baltic offshore value chain – local content

Investments in Baltic wind farms, including a growing role of joint and hybrid projects, is inevitable to successfully develop an added value for the Baltic Sea business cooperation. We facilitate the offshore supply chain cooperation to boost Baltic local content development. In order to enhance engagement of companies from the Baltic Sea in projects within the region, we see the need to increase:

  • the exchange of information and best practices sharing about ongoing and planned projects in the Baltic Sea;
  • support of SMEs, industry and communities from the Baltic Sea countries to participate in the local content of Baltic projects;
  • cooperation between governments, regulatory representatives, offshore developers and all relevant stakeholders.

At BalticWind.EU we are sure that implementation of this idea will contribute substantially to the development of the industry and the creation of green jobs in Baltic countries.


We have an ambitious plan to develop BalticWind.EU far beyond what it is today, therefore I encourage everyone who cares about the energy transition in the Baltic Sea region to get involved and become part of the #BalticWindNetwork.

We invite experts and journalists dealing with energy transition to share their views on our site and related tools in order to strengthen the dialogue between stakeholders from all Baltic Sea countries. Soon the platform will offer first events aiming to strengthen the networking between offshore wind professionals within the region.

I am proud that for our launch of BalticWind.EU, this week we will present exclusive interviews and messages from Members of the European Parliament Morten Petersen and Jerzy Buzek, Wind Europe CEO Giles Dickson, Secretary General of Eurelectric Kristian Ruby, and other high level stakeholders.

Welcome to BalticWind.EU