Newsroom: GE Renewable Energy and PKN ORLEN sign MOU on offshore wind in Poland

GE Renewable Energy and PKN ORLEN announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore ways to work together to support the development of offshore wind projects in Poland, a country expected to award up to 10.9 GW of offshore wind projects by 2030 and up to 28 GW of offshore wind by 2050. The agreement can help accelerate the energy transition in Poland by helping the country take full advantage of its offshore wind resources. GE Renewable Energy is already an active player in the Polish wind market with over 300 onshore wind turbines delivering 900 [...]

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Analysis: Fit-for-55% package recognises offshore wind as key to deliver EU’s climate and energy targets

The “fit for 55% package” adopted by the European Commission on July 14th. clearly indicates that boosting renewable sources of energy, in particular wind, is essential to deliver EU’s climate target. Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, said during the presentation of the legislative package that when it comes to renewable energy the European Union has been a true pioneer. “Our early start in this sector has already paid off. Renewables prices have fallen dramatically. The European renewables industry, especially in offshore wind, is a global leader” – said Commissioner Simson. [...]

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BalticWind.EU will award TOP 20 leaders of the Offshore Wind Industry in the Baltic Sea

Today, on Global Wind Day, BalticWind.EU is proud to announce the first Baltic Offshore Wind Awards, to recognize the top 20 leaders of our industry who have had the biggest impact on offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea region. The award winners will be announced at the Final Gala in December this year. Speeding up the process of wind farm investments deployment in the Baltic Sea countries will not be possible without leaders of this process. At BalticWind.EU, we closely follow the activities of those who are most active and influential. Today we would like to share the [...]

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BalticWind.EU – one month after launch

Dear readers, a month ago we have launched BalticWind.EU platform. Having started this project, every day we experience how exciting the development of wind energy in the Baltic Sea region is. With all the aspects which we are informing about – like growing role of ports, grids development challenges, issues of military security of sea areas, cooperation with fishermen, the need to prepare human resources for the wind industry, revision of regulatory framework at EU level, and many others – we see that offshore wind development is becoming one of the key pillars of energy transition is the EU. [...]

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Analysis: Cross-border cooperation in the EU will be strengthened according to leaked revised renewable energy directive (REDIII)

European Commission will present the package “fit for 55%” this summer. According to the latest agenda of the Commission it is scheduled on July 14th. All legislative proposals need to provide a framework for delivering increased GHG reduction target for 2030 as well as climate neutrality by 2050. BalticWind.EU has seen a leaked version of the revised renewable energy directive (REDIII). First of all, being one of the main elements of the package it should deliver a higher 2030 RES target. On the basis of the European Commission’s impact assessment released in September 2020 most probably, the EU-wide target [...]

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Today is World Hydrography Day

Every year on 21 June we celebrate World Hydrography Day. This year the focus is on autonomous technologies – aerial, surface and underwater survey drones as well as autonomous ships. Hydrographic  works are essential for wind offshore development projects, including operation and maintenance of wind farms. Hydrography can play the key role in support of autonomous technologies in order to strengthen safe and efficient navigation of ships, as well as other activity associated with the sea, including i.e. environmental protection and management, national marine spatial data infrastructures, maritime defence and security, coastal zone management. This year we celebrate the 100th [...]

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LEAK European Commission: Offshore wind will be one of the pillars of RES development in the EU

[Download link at the end of article] Leaked revised renewable directive (REDIII) shows that offshore wind will be one of the pillars of RES development in the EU. The leaked document puts strong focus on cross border projects, joint cooperation of MSs within each sea basin by 2050, with intermediate steps in 2030 and 2040, one-stop-shop for permitting per sea basin, as part of the specific measures to foster deployment of offshore renewable energy. Download the leaked document here: Revision RED III On Monday, we will release our analysis of what changes for offshore wind the REDIII will introduce. [...]

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Electrification Alliance: Obstacles to wind and electricity grid deployment in the EU have to be removed

Removal of obstacles especially in relation to permitting is one of the recommendations published by an Electrification Alliance. Members of the alliance, including WindEurope and Eurelectric, released its priorities for “fit for 55%” package. Recommendations for the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive indicates that removal of obstacles to solar, wind and electricity grid deployment should include developing guidelines and benchmarks for good practices to support Member States in the implementation of the current RED II provisions with the necessary respect for environmental considerations. Joint Position Paper of the Electrification Alliance has been released on 1st of June ahead of [...]

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Welcome message from Paweł Wróbel Managing Director of BalticWind.EU

With great pleasure and satisfaction I welcome you today to BalticWind.EU. After many weeks of preparation, we give you an innovative platform that aims first and foremost to create opportunities. BalticWind.EU is the space for the dialogue of industry representatives, professionals, start-ups founders, analytics, journalists, academic and research centres. Welcome to the #BalticWindNetwork. Cooperation – a key to unlock the enormous potential of the Baltic Sea The Baltic Sea, as the second largest basin for offshore wind power in the EU has incredible potential for investments of up to 93 GW by 2050. It may be achieved in [...]

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