Skyborn Renewables has commenced environmental studies for its ambitious Pooki offshore wind power project located in the territorial waters of Finland, adjacent to Oulu, Ii, Simon, and Kemi. This significant development marks the beginning of bird and seabed surveys in the Perämeri, set to take place throughout 2024 and 2025. The project, slated for completion in the early 2030s, aims to harness substantial wind energy potential from the region.

In the summer of 2023, Skyborn signed a reservation agreement with Metsähallitus for the development of the offshore wind power area previously known as the Suurhieka project. The Pooki offshore wind farm is expected to feature approximately 85 to 185 wind turbines, each up to 390 meters tall, with a maximum output capacity of 2,600 MW. This capacity equates to the annual electricity production of a modern large nuclear power plant, providing a significant boost to Finland’s supply of fossil-free electricity.

“The project’s environmental studies have started with preliminary meetings and discussions with authorities,” stated Otso Lintinen, Project Manager at Skyborn Renewables. “Our teams of nature surveyors and biologists are collecting current status information on birds and the marine environment from mainland, islands, and the sea. This data will be compared to previous studies and used to evaluate future environmental impacts, supporting the EIA procedure and ongoing monitoring.”

Ornithological studies are a key component of the environmental assessment, focusing on the migratory routes of birds passing through the area. These studies began during the spring migration and will continue through the breeding season and into the fall migration. Concurrently, seabed sounding surveys, starting in the summer, will gather critical information about the seabed’s properties, including water depth and base composition. These surveys are expected to continue until autumn.

“Skyborn brings over 20 years of experience in developing and constructing offshore wind farms globally,” Lintinen emphasized. “Our approach always includes the involvement of local communities in the project planning. We will organize stakeholder and public events for the Pooki project, giving locals the opportunity to discuss the project with our experts.”

The Pooki offshore wind power project requires a comprehensive plan, which Skyborn Renewables will submit to municipal authorities for zoning initiatives in the summer of 2024. Additionally, the legally mandated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure will commence in 2024.

Source: Skyborn Renewables