On Wednesday, September 13, a training project was officially launched for students of the Maritime School Complex in Darłowo, who will gain free certificates to work on wind turbines. The first training project initiated by Vulcan Training & Consultancy and the Polish Wind Energy Association worth more than PLN 1 million is being launched. This is in response to the growing demand for new, specialized workers in the wind sector. The project “Get into the wind turbines and work at the highest level!” opens a career path for young people in what is currently the most promising wind energy industry.

Due to the development of offshore wind energy, there is a need for new specialized workers, among others technicians and wind turbine installers. Companies in Poland and around the world are looking for employees with varying levels of specialization and competence. Specialized education and training play a big role. Market needs and attractive, well-paying jobs are the best motivation to educate in this direction.

“Get into the wind turbines and work at the highest level!” is a first-of-its-kind training program that will realistically equip young people to work in today’s most promising wind industry. Thanks to it, students from Darłowo will undergo a full training package and acquire the necessary licenses to work on wind turbines. This venture is worth a total of more than 1 million zlotys and is the brainchild of the Vulcan Training & Consultancy training center and the Polish Wind Energy Association.

– Students who undergo training will earn Global Wind Organization certificates confirming their competence, which has a significant value in the market, reaching nearly 20,000 zlotys per person. Our project is the first and only such initiative in Poland, which opens the door to young people’s careers and allows them for a good start in the labor marketemphasizes Artur Ambrożewicz, CEO at Vulcan Training & Consultancy.

It is estimated that in the future onshore wind energy could create up to 97,000 new jobs, depending on the development scenario. Offshore wind energy, meanwhile, will offer another 100,000 jobs in Poland.

Janusz Gajowiecki, PWEA; Photo: PWEA

Janusz Gajowiecki during the inauguration of the project; Photo: PWEA

– The wind energy labor market is gaining momentum. The wind industry offers its employees excellent salaries, opportunities for continued growth and uninterrupted employment for many years. Wind power is part of a powerful industry, and where there’s electricity there’s money. In Poland, about 10,000 people are directly employed in the construction and operation of onshore wind power plants, and about 20,000 including related sectors – points out Janusz Gajowiecki, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

“Get into the wind turbines” is a program dedicated to the students of the Maritime School Complex in Darłowo. Two training packages of 3 and 5 days covering a total of 9 courses conducted by Vulcan Training & Consultancy await the young people who will participate in the project.

– Participation in this project is clearly an opportunity for young people. Investing in one’s skills and competencies is the best possible decision at the stage of entering the job market, and the dynamic development of wind energy in Poland and around the world shows that this field of education is future-proof. I am glad that it was the students of my school that got this opportunitynotes Magdalena Miszke, Director of the Maritime School Complex in Darłowo.

The first training of students will begin as early as October this year.

Source: PWEA