In order to promote the development of the offshore wind energy industry in the Baltic Sea, one of the leading companies in the industry – Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V. (Van Oord) plans to create a world-class offshore wind farm support base and an oversized cargo terminal in the Port of Liepaja. The aforementioned project is stipulated by the reservation agreement, as concluded between Van Oord and the Liepaja Special Economic Zone (Liepaja SEZ) Authority.

During the validity term of the two-year reservation agreement, Van Oord will carry out preparatory works, which include research, business plan development, elaboration of the technical design and engagement of the partners. It is expected that the Dutch company will start construction of the offshore wind support base in the Outer Harbor of the Port of Liepaja in 2026 and further on put it into operation in the middle of 2027.

The new terminal will address the lack of the port infrastructure capacity needed for the construction of wind farms in the Baltic Sea. Moreover, it is expected that the developed site will be used for handling other oversized cargos as well as for industrial manufacturing purposes. The 55-hectare area will be created by reclaiming the dry land areas, thus establishing a new multifunctional cargo handling infrastructure and also giving the opportunity to place new production and/or assembly facilities.

Van Oord Project Manager Mark Bot: “Van Oord’s ambition is to act as the initiator in accelerating transformation of the energy industry. This project is a strong example of how Van Oord can take on the role and ensure positive impact on future generations”.

Taking on the role of the port infrastructure developer related to the development of offshore wind energy projects in the Baltic Sea, Van Oord is actively promoting transition to the manufacturing of renewable energy resources. Van Oord’s commitment to building much-needed port infrastructure for offshore wind projects is based on the company’s goal of creating a better world for future generations.

The Liepaja SEZ CEO Uldis Hmieļevskis was pleased to note that one of the most serious players in the wind energy industry – Van Oord – has chosen Liepaja as the center of the Baltic Sea wind energy industry. “The offshore wind energy support base in the Port of Liepaja will promote economic development and attract significant foreign investments aimed at sustainable economy and green energy production. This is just one of the projects in Liepaja that will strengthen the energy independence of Latvia and Europe.” The signed territory reservation agreement between Van Oord and the Liepaja SEZ Authority stipulates that Van Oord, as a territory developer and investor, will design and build an offshore wind support base and an oversized cargo terminal of 55 hectares in the Outer Harbor of the Port of Liepaja. The Outer Harbor is a unique area in the Port of Liepaja surrounded by breakwaters and equipped with three port gates, thus, offering vast opportunities for the development of offshore wind and green energy projects.

Source: Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority