Wood Thilsted (WT) has been appointed to complete the preliminary foundation designs for the BC-Wind project as FEED and Detailed Design WTG foundation designer. WT’s appointment comes in response to the particularly challenging conditions of the project and continues WT’s legacy of innovation whilst also supporting the growth of the Polish offshore wind sector.

BC-Wind offshore wind farm is being developed by Ocean Winds, the international company dedicated to offshore wind energy and created by ENGIE and EDPR. The project has the capacity to generate up to 500 MW of energy from up to 34 turbines, 23 km from Poland’s shoreline. BC-Wind’s development of the Polish coastline follows a renewed policy focus from the Polish government to grow offshore wind capacity in the Baltic Sea.

This project marks a pivotal moment for both the offshore wind industry and the emerging market in Poland. As one of the first projects for Poland’s offshore wind sector, it forms an integral part of the country’s journey toward sustainable energy sources. Wood Thilsted’s involvement in this venture is supported by its commitment to building capacity in every market it operates in by hiring locally, developing skills of the in-country teams and working with suppliers in the development of relevant supply chains.

WT has previously led the Foundations Concept design, evolving the projects’ understanding of the engineering constraints of the site. When the project re-focused on a jacket design solution, WT’s extensive experience, honed over several years on a diverse range of projects, made it the ideal partner to be re-selected by BC-Wind to take forward the detailed foundation design.
WT’s expertise becomes particularly crucial when considering the engineering challenges posed by this project. Complex ground conditions, including unusual soil deposits from glaciers, corrosion in the Baltic Sea, and ice loading present unique technical hurdles that WT has a proven track record in addressing.

Ed Crammond, WT’s Head of Growth & Sales, said: “Wood Thilsted’s continued involvement in this landmark project signifies our dedication to advancing offshore wind energy in Poland and across the globe. Our expertise in jacket design and extensive experience of overcoming complex engineering challenges means this pioneering project will set the standard for optimised, efficient offshore wind design in Poland.”

Source: Wood Thilsted (WT)