The law freezing gas prices for residential consumers in 2023 includes a provision for the valorization of support for companies developing offshore wind energy in Poland. It was demanded by the industry due to rising inflation and project costs.

Investors who obtained the right to cover the so-called negative balance based on the ERO’s decision will be able to receive the valorization starting in 2022. 

According to a provision of the law, voted on by MPs on December 1, the support is to be subject to annual valorization by the average annual index of prices of total consumer goods and services from the previous calendar year, specified in the communiqué of the President of the Central Statistical Office, announced in the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland Monitor Polski. In the case of support obtained in the second phase, the valorization is to take effect from the year following the year of the auction settlement.

In addition, the generator of energy from the offshore wind farm will be able to submit a statement to the renewable energy settlement operator on the preferred method of payment of the amount allocated to cover the negative balance. In the statement, the generator will be able to indicate, in percentages, what portion of the energy price that is the basis for covering the negative balance is to be paid in zlotys per 1 MWh and what portion in euros per 1 MWh. They will be able to change this arrangement once during the 15 years after the energy enters the grid. The possibility of billing in euros was the second of the industry’s key demands.

The bill passed by the Sejm still requires Senate’s approval and the president’s signature before the legislation can go into effect.