In a landmark development for Poland’s renewable energy sector, Erbud has recently sealed a substantial deal aimed at advancing the country’s offshore wind energy capabilities. The contract, valued at a staggering 358.4 million PLN, entails the design and construction of tower production facilities for offshore wind energy at the Ostrów Island in Gdańsk, a significant step forward for the marine renewable energy landscape.

The agreement, announced on February 22nd, signifies Erbud’s commitment to bolstering Poland’s offshore wind energy infrastructure. Scheduled for completion between February and March 2025, the project is commissioned by Baltic Towers Sp. z o.o., a joint venture entity comprising ARP S.A. and GRI Renewable Industries, S.L.

Under this initiative, Erbud will establish a cutting-edge production hall for offshore towers, specifically tailored for turbines exceeding 14 MW in capacity.
This strategic endeavor follows the endorsement from the Management Board of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone last autumn, signaling strong governmental support for initiatives driving economic growth and sustainability. The decision to back Baltic Towers underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering innovation and facilitating the transition towards renewable energy sources.

Moreover, the collaboration between Baltic Towers and GRI Renewable Industries, S.L., promises to revolutionize Poland’s offshore wind energy sector. The construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant dedicated to towers for turbines exceeding 15 MW not only enhances the nation’s industrial capabilities but also signifies a significant leap forward in harnessing renewable energy resources.

The impact of this venture extends beyond industrial advancements. With the capacity to produce up to 150 towers annually, the newly established facility is poised to generate over 500 highly skilled job opportunities, contributing to the socio-economic landscape of the Tri-City area. Furthermore, by revitalizing industrial functions in the southern region of Ostrów Island, this investment underscores Erbud’s commitment to sustainable development and community engagement.

Source: Erbud and BalticWind.EU