The Danish Energy Agency has launched additional consultations on the delimitation in the environmental impact assessment of the Bornholm Energy Island.

According to the release, the Danish Energy Agency invites citizens, companies, authorities, and others interested in the future Baltic Sea energy island project, to submit comments on the amendment to the delimitation statement for the environmental impact assessment.

The additional consultations will run for four weeks – from Monday 11 April to Monday 9 May 2022.

Following the consultations, the Danish Energy Agency will update its opinion on the scope of the environmental impact assessment, based inter alia on the responses received during the consultation.

Bornholm Energy Island, source: Danish Energy Agency

The results of the environmental assessment are expected to be presented during the second public consultation in the first half of 2023.

The world’s first energy islands will be built in Denmark and will take advantage of wind resources in the North and Baltic Seas. The energy islands will be infrastructure hubs that will create better conditions for connecting offshore wind energy to power systems in the region. In the Baltic, the energy island will be Bornholm, whose infrastructure will be a hub for 2 GW of offshore wind capacity off the coast of the island.

Source: Danish Energy Agency