The Electric City 2021 conference was the perfect opportunity for startups to showcase their latest innovations in the wind sector within the ‚Innovation Park’ block. The winner was Anker Foundations – the startup received the ‚Best Startup Award’ for its innovative, sustainable solutions in the development of prefabricated foundations for wind turbines.

The award ceremony for the best start-ups took place on 25 November. Attendees at the Copenhagen conference had the chance to learn about the latest innovations in the wind sector and their developers. Afterwards, they could express their support for the development of a given idea in the form of a vote.

Onshore and offshore wind energy needs a fresh look at technology and new ideas to harness the potential of wind power. The start-ups were asked to prepare a presentation on their innovative ideas.

18 start-ups participated – Aerones, FLY’RSEA, Anker Foundation, DECK1, Dexter, Dolfines, Embrevel, Endity, GBM Works, Nvbird, PhotonFirst, Sea Impact, Sensing360, Sensing360, Wind Power, LAB X1 Wind, Youwind Renewables and ZEVIT. 

The competition was won by Anker Foundations. The jury praised the young company for how its innovators are changing the rules of the game by making onshore wind energy even more sustainable. Anker was awarded the prize for innovative, sustainable solutions in the development of prefabricated foundations for wind turbines. 

The startup produces certified precast concrete foundations for multi-megawatt wind turbines that are economical, efficient and durable. Installing the foundations requires no concrete on site, using up to 70 percent less concrete. Foundations are inexpensive, construction time is reduced by at least 28 days, they can be transported by standard truck, can be easily installed in almost any location and dismantled, and in some circumstances can even be reused.

Prefabricated foundations are suitable for all commercially available towers from all plant manufacturers. They are compatible with steel, concrete, hybrid and even wooden towers. The foundation itself is maintenance-free. Only the connection to the tower needs maintenance, as with concrete foundations. The frequency of maintenance and outlay are identical to those for cast concrete foundations. 

Anker receives type certification from TÜV Nord based on the DIBt guidelines for wind turbines. Innovators have already obtained TÜV certificates for many foundation variants. If an investor plans to build a wind turbine for which there is not yet a certificate, the foundation will be developed by startup and certified.

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