A few days ago, the Swedish government announced that it had instructed operator Svenska Kraftnät to begin preparatory work before expanding the offshore transmission grid for offshore wind development. Sweden’s plans have been addressed by the Finnish Wind Power Association, which states in a release that if Finland is late in creating a value chain for the sector, other countries like Sweden will overtake it.

We have reported on BalticWind.EU that the Swedish government is planning to commission electricity transmission system operator Svenska Kraftnät to expand the offshore grid. The development of offshore wind power will support Sweden’s efforts to meet its 2040 RES energy production targets. In order to provide stakeholders with clear and transparent conditions for the installation of wind turbines, the Swedish operator will be tasked with, among other things, examining whether there is a need for new guidelines for offshore developers.

Following news of accelerated Swedish action in the offshore wind sector, the Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA) estimates that the Swedish government’s promotional activities will mean significant support for offshore wind projects. The industry organization reports that work is currently underway in Finland to identify how to stimulate offshore wind farm development in Finnish waters. FWPA points out that there is a need for clear and transparent rules on the use of marine areas, as well as a reasonable level of lease payments. They add that Finland is competing with Sweden for investment and financing of offshore wind farms at a time when Sweden already has a significant competitive advantage. In Sweden, for example, projects do not charge property tax.

– For Finland, like Sweden, it would be good to examine the rules for connecting RES projects to the electricity transmission grid, FWPA recommends.

The country should also examine how to improve the competitiveness of offshore wind energy both in Finnish territorial waters, and in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Anni Mikkonen, Director General of FWPA, pointed out that offshore wind energy in Finland needs an impuls to emerge a value chain for the sector.

– If Finland is late in creating a value chain now, other countries will bypass Finland and know-how will not be created in this country, Mikkonen added.